Monday, December 20, 2010

ABUKAI Expenses adds expense reports in four new languages!

The business world is shrinking daily. Case in point, regardless of whether an application is created in Frankfurt or Barcelona or Silicon Valley, people everywhere can learn about the application with a simple online search. We feel that the key to success in the global marketplace for applications is the same as the key to success anywhere, that is, respond to customers’ needs.

And so it goes with ABUKAI Expenses as our user base is growing increasingly global, we need to meet unique language needs. ABUKAI President and CEO, Philipp Schloter explains, “At ABUKAI, we were definitely not surprised that demand for ABUKAI Expenses would be a global trend. We are very excited to begin offering our Spanish, Italian, German and French speaking users localized expense report formats to choose from in addition to our English language expense report formats.”

We’ve updated our service so users get their expense reports in specific language formats. For more details, click here to see the entire press release. Additionally, for customers in Germany, we’ve added the break out of per-item tax amounts as is required for expense reporting in that country.

Adding these new language formats is another example of what sets ABUKAI apart from other similar services. Our position is to always be “The quickest & easiest way to create expense reports.” By constantly working to improve the utility and usefulness of our service for our customers, we maintain that differentiation and deliver on that promise.

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