Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ABUKAI™ Offers Everyone Immediate Access to Free Trial of ABUKAI Expenses

With our release of ABUKAI Expenses Version 1.2, users downloading the mobile application and evaluating the service get immediate access to a trial that includes two free expense report submissions. This offer comes just in time to provide a free helping hand to professionals dealing with closing out expenses for 2010. If you haven't already downloaded ABUKAI Expenses, now's the time! Click here and download the application. Compare it to the other mobile apps that say they automate expense report entry. I think a reasonable person would much rather take a picture and let the app do the work rather than type in the information by hand into their BlackBerry, Android or iPhone mobile device. Or better yet, compare it to how you do your expense reports now.

You'll see, It's no contest! And now you find out completely risk-free! Try it out and comment on this posting, or if you rather, email us directly.

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