Thursday, December 9, 2010

ABUKAI at SalesForce.COM event

DreamForce 2010, December 6 through 9. Marc Benioff, Bill Clinton and Stevie Wonder. The real star? More news on the major shift in computing from Cloud 1 to Cloud 2, the trend that markets are experiencing in the convergence of cloud computing, social networking, and mobile applications.  We found the message of ACTIONABLE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY particularly well received by fellow conference attendees. ABUKAI Expenses is a clear example of how business, powered by cloud computing and mobile applications is now accomplished ubiquitously, in real-time and more efficiently within the natural business process flow.  See Erik Mikisch, Sr. Sales Director, Western Region, on the left and our CEO, Philipp Schloter, on the right, at the event.

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