Thursday, February 17, 2011

Technology for Technology's Sake?

Stuart Dredge, "Apps Blog" blogger for The Guardian, provides a well-balanced synopsis of the AR panel that ABUKAI sat on at MWC 2011 here. It poses a bigger issue, the concept that AR and other technologies are a means rather than an end. Looking for the killer app is akin to shooting into the woods and hoping to hit something. Even with the most advanced firearms the chance to take home dinner are pretty slim unless you are unusually lucky. However, if you find a watering hole where animals congregate, the most accurate rifle will most likely produce the best success. The same holds true for AR and similar advanced technologies. I think the smart developers will pose the open-ended question, "If you could use your phone camera as your 'eyes" what kind of information would you value?" I think that will produce the "Killer App" opportunities and developers will determine whether AR (or other technologies) are the best ways to provide those apps...technologically-transparent to the end-user.

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