Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ABUKAI Now Makes it Easy to Track Mileage Expenses While On the Go!

ABUKAI has added yet another innovative capability to its ABUKAI Expenses service! Subscribers of ABUKAI Expenses’ can now enter mileage information into their expense reports by simply using their smartphones to take a picture of a note or travel sheet that includes basic mileage information for a business trip.  If your business trip begins in San Francisco, California and you drive 47 miles to a location in San Jose, California, all you need is to have an itinerary print-out containing that information or write the information on a piece of paper like this:

With ABUKAI Expenses, when you take a picture of this note with your smartphone this information is automatically entered into your expense report with mileage expense calculated using a standard mileage allowance rate, or for custom enterprise deployments of ABUKAI Expenses, any rate established by your company. This simple method for ABUKAI Expenses users to capture mileage information increases the likelihood for mobile workers to report mileage expenses on a timely basis while still on the road. It also blends nicely with the process ABUKAI Expenses users employ to track their other expenses where they need only to take pictures of receipts to have expenses entered into their expense reports. What could be easier? 

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