Thursday, November 18, 2010

How long does it to take to build a business empire?

A few weeks ago, I was at a reception for Vistage CEO award nominees, discussing the current business landscape with top CEOs of mid-sized companies from various industries. Many of the companies have been around for decades and are family-owned. Some achieved tremendous growth through the downturn, but took decades to establish a sizable business.

In the technology space, things can move faster. It took Novell only 3 years to hit $50M in revenues. However, that's the rare exception. It took 5 years, Intuit 8 years and Oracle 10 years... and those are the exceptional success stories we hear about. WSJ has an interesting article based on research by Tableau that gives more details (Pat Hanrahan, a former advisor of mine from my Stanford days, is involved in this company).

At ABUKAI, we have been making tremendous progress in a short-period. We just released a range of advanced features based on feedback from enterprise customers. And I'm extremely proud of how quickly our team responded to customers. Check out some of the customer feedback on ABUKAI Expenses so far.

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