Monday, December 19, 2022

Congrats to Argentina! Now time for paperwork.

Soccer (OK, football) isn’t all just fun and games. An army of back-office staff is needed to make it all work. These are huge businesses with giant back offices that need to do everything from booking flights to dealing with expenses afterwards. 

Soccer teams generally follow similar procedures to other sports teams when it comes to expense reporting. The team's financial department will gather receipts and other documentation for all expenses incurred by the team, such as travel, equipment, and personnel expenses.

But, imagine a Croatian accounting team trying to decipher Qatari restaurant receipts that are in Arabic???

These expenses may include things like airfare and hotel accommodations for away games, meals for players and staff, and fees for training facilities and equipment rentals. 

To create an expense report, the financial department will first gather receipts and other documentation for all expenses incurred by the team. This may include receipts for airline tickets, hotel stays, meals, and other travel-related expenses, as well as invoices for equipment purchases and salary payments. How is this Croatian back office going to figure out the receipts for a coach’s various receipts if they can’t read the language and can’t get time to ask the coach?

The completed expense report will be reviewed by the team's financial manager or another designated team member to ensure that all expenses are legitimate and properly documented. If the expense report is approved, it will be submitted to the team's leadership for review and payment.

It's important for soccer teams to maintain accurate and thorough expense reports
to manage their finances effectively and ensure that they are in compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements. This may include following specific rules and guidelines set by the soccer league or governing body in which the team plays.

What a headache. Enter ABUKAI Expenses- ABUKAI automatically reads the receipts in any language for you, generates an expense report and can forward it to your finance staff or other approvers. Players and managers need to spend time training, not dealing with the back office to explain what’s on a particular receipt. 

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