Friday, July 30, 2021

Product Tip: Summary Reports

Did you know that you can easily pull all your past reports from ABUKAI?

Simply go to the Archive Tab in the ABUKAI User Portal and hit the “Summary Report” button. Select your date range to export the data you need including:

  • a sheet with key summary statistics such as spend per category and total miles traveled for the period. For customers with VAT recognition enabled, the sheet also lists the amount for each applicable tax % for tax preparation purposes.
  • a list view sheet of all expense data for easy analysis with pivot tables or other tools, or for easy, flexible transfer to other tools such as accounting, tax or budgeting software.
  • a summary expense report based on the configured format with all expenses listed for the time period. Company-reimbursable expenses vs. company-paid expense can be distinguished by activating the out-of-pocket feature.

  • This is available on ABUKAI Individual and Standard Corporate Accounts. For report options in Custom Corporate Accounts, please contact us.

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