Thursday, March 29, 2012

ABUKAI + Xero Partnership

Great news for Xero they can fully access all the wonderful features of ABUKAI Expenses! 

Create expense reports in a snap just by taking a photo of your receipt.  When ready the expense data is automatically imported in Xero as an expense claim and a copy of the photo is attached to the each receipt. Xero customers can access ABUKAI's mobile apps anywhere, anytime on an iPhone, Android or Blackberry. 

“This partnership with Xero is a great example of how ABUKAI Expenses can work with other systems,” said Philipp Schloter, president and chief executive officer of ABUKAI.  “Xero customers can now directly feed their business expenses into Xero with ABUKAI Expenses.  They just take photos of their receipts and the expense data gets directly posted into Xero, without the user ever having to key-in their receipt information. Expenses get automatically categorized by ABUKAI based on the chart of accounts configured in Xero.”

Xero accounting software gives small businesses and their advisors easy access to bank transactions, invoicing, and reports anytime it’s needed, from anywhere in the world where they can connect to the Internet.  “With ABUKAI joining our add-on Partner Network and the streamlining integration with ABUKAI Expenses, we’re able to offer Xero customers a greater choice of tools to help their business succeed, ” says Xero US President Jamie Sutherland.

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