Monday, September 26, 2011

ABUKAI offers Customers Referral Bonus

We're excited to offer our customers a new referral bonus of USD10 for each referral account purchased.  Our Customer Referral Bonus Program is for existing customers of ABUKAI Expenses. Customers will be rewarded USD10.00 for each Frequent User Individual Account or Standard Corporate Account purchased from a referral.

New customers just need to enter the email of the existing customer they are associated with, and their friend or colleague will receive the bonus. Existing customers then will receive an email with details and terms/conditions when a new customer referred them.

Our referral program is a simple and effective way for customers to benefit, while helping colleagues, friends and business partners to save time, be more organized and save money.  We’re hoping our customers will spread the word and share their enthusiasm about our breakthrough ABUKAI Expenses service.

Certain terms and conditions will apply and the offer might be withdrawn or changed at any time.

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