Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CSV expense data with over 30 separate attributes, automatically generated by ABUKAI Expenses

Mobile applications for business, designed poorly, basically leave yo stranded out in space if they don’t easily pass information to your company’s existing systems. Or, they're designed such that you're “shackled” to a single provider.  ABUKAI now also includes the expense data in CSV files with over 30 attributes, so you can easily import them into your accounting or expense management solution.

Philipp Schloter, president and CEO of ABUKAI explains,  “By supplying this many separate attributes in our CSV files, ABUKAI Expenses delivers more data about each transaction than electronic credit card statements provide and eliminates the need to manually assign cost categories.  In addition, since ABUKAI Expenses handles both cash and credit card expenses, users can employ a single, easy process to complete expense reports.  Finance departments benefit from enhanced accuracy, more timely submissions and greater compliance with existing processes, while employees can focus on core business activities instead of expense reports.”

If you’ve been reluctant to try ABUKAI Expenses because you think it won’t integrate into your current systems, maybe it’s time to check us out? ABUKAI offers a variety of custom backend integration options, based on your needs.

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